Establishment of Second biggest church in South Africa, United African Apostolic Church (UAAC)

Establishment of Second biggest church in South Africa, United African Apostolic Church (UAAC)

The Second biggest church in South Africa The United African Apostolic Church (UAAC) was established by Bishop Matsea Paul Mureri. Before establishing the UAAC, Bishop Mureri, was a member of the Lutheran Church, having joined it in 1899.

He was a fully ordained Pastor ministering at Tshanowa, Limpopo Province. As per the Lutheran Church doctrine, Bishop Matsea Paul Mureri got married in 1899 to a woman from Shanzha, Ha-Shavhani, from the Bugana clan, in a western style wedding.

  • 1904 Bishop Mureri joined the Faith Mission were he worked with Pastor Du Buisson who was based at Maroi camp. After the death of Pastor Du Buisson, Bishop Mureri requested his fellow worshippers to form a church centered on unity.
  • 1912 Bishop Matsea establishes a church called Dzanda La Mudzimu.
  • 1914 Bishop Matsea realized that he is blessed with prophesying and healing.
  • 1915 Drafted the Church’s first constitution.
  • 1918 Official  registration of the Church and its name was changed to the United African Apostolic Church.
  • 1926 Started healing people in Milaboni(Budeli).
  • 1963-66 Proffessor archbishop David Mureri was trained by his brother Obed as a mediator

Bishop Matsea’s Last words!

  • 1967 Bishop Matsea summoned all his children to inform them of his last wishes, and they were as follows: Should I die the stand be inherited by Archbishop Professor David Mureri and the church must be led by archbishop Professor Mureri. The following purpose were present:
  1. Joel Tsedu
  2. Jeremiah Mureri
  3. Titios Murer
  4. Obed Mureri
  5. Archbishop Professor David Mureri
  6. Betty Mureri
  7. Nemaungane
  8. Muravha
  9. Nenungwi
  10. Nehelula
  11. Masithi
  12. Ramanwa

1967-75 Archbishop Professor Mureri appointed as a mediator, by his father Bishop Matsea

  • 1967-69 The church foundation is laid in ha Mavhunga, where the headquarters are today.
  • 1968-69 Florah who is Archbishop’s Professor David Mureri mother and wife of Bishop Matsea was sent to gauteng to collect church monies worth a delegation.
  • 1970-73 The church commences and the construction is completed in 1973 and the project was led by Mr Ravhura and church monies were used to build the church.
  • 1975 Jeremiah, the first born son of bishop Matsea is summoned to look after his ill father by Florah Mureri who is Archbishop’s Professor David Mureri’s mother following tradition.
  • 1975 the founder of the UAAC bishop Matsea passes on in late September.
  • 1975-77 Jeremiah looked after the household in compliance with bishop Matsea’s wishes that archbishop Professor David Mureri Is the rightful heir to the throne and should inherit the stand.
  • 1977 Jeremiah appointed as a Bishop in September in compliance with bishop Matsea’s wishes.
  • 1977 Jeremiah passes on, after a sudden illness two weeks after been enthroned.
  • 1978 Dr EM Mureri is appointed as an archbishop as Professor archbishop David Mureri was still young to sit on the throne and in the same year Rael who is Jeremiah’s wife is evicted by Dr EM Mureri.
  • 1979 permission to occupy is given to the United African apostolic church in Pretoria (9/5/4/2/220).
  • Dr EM Mureri honored by the government to title of archbishop.
  • 1982 Florah Mureri and his children including archbishop  ProffessorDavid Mureri are evicted by Dr EM Mureri from the stand.
  • 1983 Suzan Mureri gets married to Dr EM Mureri.
  • 1985 Dr EM Mureri establishes youth movement.
  • 1987 Dr EM Mureri establishes women’s movement.
  • 2019 August 19, archbishop David Mureri is awarded permission to occupy (PTO).
  • 2019 September 21, archbishop David Mureri is sworn in as archbishop of the United African apostolic church and handed over to the church by the Mureri Royal council officially comprising of a committee and over 29 members of the family.

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